e is the base rate of growth shared by all continuously growing processes. e lets you take a simple growth rate and find the impact of compound, continuous growth, where every nanosecond (or faster) you are growing just a little bit. Likewise, e-nativ is a methodology that aims to personally and professionally expand your universe by building a bridge between traditional, university-based education, and the real set of skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly chaotic world.

At its heart, e-nativ wants to cultivate a big-picture, big-business mindset by exposing a new generation to the best tools the consulting world has to offer. We do this by accessing the skill of thought leaders across industries and professions to enable:Ā Experiential learning, industry leading practices, industry-specific focus, leveraging of individual strengths .

At the same time, we realise the world is changing and we consciously choose a new path; we believe that social innovation holds the power to unlock this new generation’s potential. We also believe that the only way to truly promote social awareness and become active members of society is to become immersed in the daily lives of the communities and eco-systems we aim to elevate.

By becoming an e-nativ, you will be immersed into a galaxy of learning through first-hand experiences ā€“ you are the bright young star and we will create the atmosphere you need to grow exponentially.



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